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Catalyst Black Academy 

Is a California 501c(3) Nonprofit based in San Diego. The purpose and mission of this organization is to advance the African American community in business ownership through structured programming and mentorship. 

2 Programs to Serve the Community

Catalyst Black Entrepreneur Program

The Catalyst Black Entrepreneur Program (CBEP) is for the early start up entrepreneur who is seeking to start their business or who has recently started without a consistent income stream. They are taken through a 3 month process ranging from business development to business growth activities. Within this program they are taught fundamentals in areas of business economics, marketing and sales strategy, and essentials for overall success in business planning for growth. After completion of the program the participant will be given a year of coaching and mentoring.

*Only 3 Applicants are accepted per Cohort*

Black Business Catalyst Booster

The Black Business Catalyst Booster (BBCB)  is for the African American business owner and has been established in business but needs additional support in a boost to help generate revenue, new strategies and tactics in Sales, Marketing, Branding, and Public Relations, or identifying organizational structure needs. Each business’s BBCB will be uniquely designed to assist them with their situation. The aim is to give them a boost in the right direction to help them practice better business practices in the need areas.

*A business will only be given 3 Boost per year*


Turn your passion, ideas, and dreams into a business!

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